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The "Art of Faux Finishing" Class in Progress


faux Painting Class overall
The Faux Finish School classroom is well lit with natural light as well as full spectrum overhead lighting. Each student has their own work area, easel, and faux finishing supplies to help assist in achieving the finest results. Working decorative painting wall finishes upright, gives the student more of the feel of "working a wall".

The classroom is furnished with commercial-free satellite XM Radio with over 130 channels to help get the juices flowing as you create and master your faux painting techniques!!

faux Painting Class with student working


Student glazing

Here are a couple of students taking a break from Carrera marbling techniques. The badger brush has become their new friend! It is the ultimate tool when learning proper marble drifting!


Student gilding stencil
A student working on a gold leaf Modello over Espresso Lusterstone
rendering.......One of the most "in demand" faux finishes Martin teaches in his decorative painting program!

student faux painting technique
Martin instructing on the proper way to embed an image beneath a finish


Final touches to faux painting technique

Here we find Martin Alan Hirsch applying the final touches to his exclusive Interference Metallic finish. This finish is taught in "Designer Wall Finishes" advanced faux painting class. What an incredible nightclub finish!



Student working on Tuscan plaster finish

A student working on replicating Tuscan plaster revealing faux brick........


Students relaxing in the lounge after an intensive day of study

Students relaxing in the "faux" lounge, from another intensive day of study at
The Faux Finish School!



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