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 Alicyn Wright
Alpine, Utah

To:       Decorative Finishes Studio

Dear Martin,
Iíve been meaning to write this letter for some time, but have been so busy decorative painting that Iíve neglected it until now. When I signed up for your beginning class, I envisioned decorative painting as something I did as a side job. Was I ever wrong. Within 60 days of taking the class, I booked my largest job to that point, $45,000 on a new multi-million dollar home. Was it a fluke? Hardly.
With the multitude of finishes learned in your beginning and advanced classes, coupled with the amazing new products now available on my palette, Iíve never looked back. My side job has evolved into more work than I can often handle.
(I just finished a $30,000 job on a three-million dollar Park City home. I started with an owner who thought she liked her white walls but has now done almost every room in the house.)
While faux painting has certainly proven profitable, itís not the quantity of jobs that excites me but rather the fulfillment derived. Itís creative, invigorating, inspiring, sometimes hectic, but more satisfying than I ever imagined. As such, I thought it appropriate now to drop you a note of thanks. Youíve been a terrific support and inspiration to those of us who love creativity but didnít know how to channel and support this amazingly addictive habit we call decorative painting.
All the best,
Alicyn Wright

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