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 Suzanne Witherington Warren
Memphis, Tennessee

To:       Decorative Finishes Studio
October 18, 2001

Please accept my apology for this belated statement of gratitude, for, of late, I have been far too busy to write. This present influx of work is, nevertheless, refreshing, and my success is primarily a result of your company's superior effort, as well as your commitment to the professional development of your students.
As you may recall, before I discovered your facility, I was enrolled in a Doctoral program for psychology and employed with the county school system. Always longing for a career in the fine arts, but forfeiting two opportunities for enrollment in fine arts institutions, I settled for what I judged at the time to be a more practical profession, counseling adolescents. After five years of service in the mental health realm, I assessed my happiness only to determine that I was entirely dissatisfied. Based on this recognition of unfulfillment, this academic year would be my last; I withdrew from the Doctoral program and gave my notice at work effective for the end of the school year 2001. While severing those ties, I promptly enrolled in your Art and Business of Faux Finishing course, one of the best investments, emotionally and financially, I have ever explored.
Since I was obligated with my present job for five more months after taking your class, I utilized my free time according to the advice you most graciously shared in the business dinner segment of the course. Specifically, I established a LLC, made business cards, purchased supplies, reviewed periodicals for images of faux art, perfected my samples, created new/original finishes, and met with designers almost every day after work. By the end of May, I had assumed a new level of confidence and amassed a wealth of knowledge. Subsequently, I presold finishes through mid-October, including a 1,600 square foot Italian drift and mottled marble floor, several furniture show rooms, two massive columns in Venetian Gem plaster, and an 19th Century carriage house, and I am only beginning my career.
I only wish I were eloquent enough to fully express the personal fulfillment that I have attained with your help. You and your staff are remarkable, and I am forever grateful.

God Speed,
Suzanne Witherington Warren
Memphis, Tennessee

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