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The Faux Finish School
is proud to host:

Morey Curtis Dunbar

"Verre Eglomise"
The Art of Reflection

"A Faux Finish School Hosted 3 Day Workshop

June 8th - June 10th, 2015 Completed!
October 12th - October 14th, 2015 Just Posted!

Only $795.00 for 3 Days!
Includes continental breakfast, catered lunches, all materials and samples
(Other than the gilding tool kit which is available for purchase)!


We are excited to announce our newest workshop!
"Verre Eglomise"

3 Day Verre Eglomise - The Art of Reflection Verre Eglomise, from the French term meaning "glass gilded"is a process in which the back side of glass is gilded with gold or metal leaf.

Learn this centuries old technique with contemporary twists. Few artists know how to do Verre Eglomise, and fewer know how to translate ancient techniques to use in today's modern living. Learn an art that dates back to pre-Roman times and make it your own. Verre Eglomise will set you apart from other artists. Create perfect mirrored surfaces that become stunning works of art. Decorative pieces, window, door panels, table tops, wall insets, the uses are unlimited!

Verre eglomise takes you out of the realm of decorative painter and makes you a true artisan. Imagine being able to offer your clients furniture, windows, cabinetry and room dividers that are not only beautiful but completely unique. It is a spectacular up-sell for the discerning client who wants something that sets them ahead of the trend. Why have a plain glass table top when you can have a piece of art? Why have plain glass cabinet doors when you can create spectacular images that still maintain desired transparency? Transform simple cabinet fronts into stunning reflective images!

In this complex 3 day class, we will be working with 23K gold, metal leaf, mica powders, pigments, gels, solvents and a variety of paint products. Each student will have the opportunity to work with standard stencils and masking stencils as well as learn freehand techniques. Designs can be as simple or elaborate as desired. Recapture this obscure art form and make it your own! We will complete 3-5 pieces on glass pieces ranging from 8"x 8", 8"x10" , 12" x 12". Each piece will have a minimum of 4 layers, the maximum unlimited. We will cover backing mounting and transporting methods.

Class Includes:

Chioce of glass

In depth and detailed instruction

23K gold leaf

16K white gold leaf

Assorted composition leaf


Specialty paints


Pattern and detail composition and design

Installation details

Complete product details

Class fee: $795.00*

*an additional $100.00 fee for gilding kit is required for those without their own gilding tools. These tools will be yours to keep. Absolutely NO gilding tools will be supplied otherwise. Please contact morey@paintedonline.com for tool kit details.

 martin hirsch

Your instructor is Morey Curtis Dunbar
Morey has taught in a variety of venues, both locally and across the country.

After many years of teaching privately, in 2010, Morey became a Faux Effects instructor. Morey co-created and taught the unique Faux Effects Sexy Vegas class based on the gittering glamour of Las Vegas. She has also taught at IDAL in Reno Nevada and chapter classes, as well as assisted in several classes at The Faux Finish School. Morey also developed and edited two limited edition publications, Professional Finishes Collections, volumes I & II.

As the co-founder of FLATFILE Foundation, Morey established this organization to continue art education in underprivileged youth and struggling young artists. She is a long standing member of IDAL, a national painting organization for the continuation of decorative arts, a co-president of the Heartland Chapter of SALI, a founding member and past president of The Atrium Online, the professional online chapter of IDAL, a member of The Society of Gilders, a member of the Society Of Decorative Painters, and a member of the Women’s Board of Heartland Alliance For Human Needs And Human Rights.

For 20 years, The Faux Finish School's ultimate goals have been to provide students with the tools and knowledge necessary for success....
We are quite proud of their achievements....
We are consistently rewarded with feedback of thanks as well as beautiful pictures of our students' creations....
The Faux Finish School and its staff are thrilled to have played a part in their acomplishments.

Your instructors are not just teachers....they are working finishers....
This is vital to your education because you will not just learn sample boards,
you will learn real world scenarios and finishes that truly sell....,
from instructors whom have vast experience "on the wall"....

Come home to the programs that established the original comprehensive faux finishing curriculums....Workshops at The Faux Finish School.

We look forward to you joining us for this fantastic workshop!
Call the studio to pre-register as it will fill quickly!

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