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Decorative Finishes Studio & The Faux Finish School welcomes you to the most unique faux painting studio in the world!
Below, you will have the opportunity to view the exterior as well as the interior of the studio in detail!


The work unfolds before your eyes........... The studio boasts a two-story "Italian villa" fashioned after the great villas in Tuscany, Italy.......complete with faux finish Corinthian columns, Italian plaster archways, engraved stone work, open flame lighting, faux finish rusted balcony railings and a walkout veranda! Michelangelo faux renderings have been applied in an eleven layered fresco style to the front of the villa, along with imitations of old, worn wood window frames. There is no other faux finish studio like this in the world!

The studio is located in the wonderful city of Louisville, Kentucky, a city of one million people.  The staff of the Faux Finish School feels that if you are going to start or continue a career in faux finishing and decorative painting, then you should do so in a place that is serene and tranquil........
without the "big city lights", traffic, frustration and confusion... "Money Magazine" has chosen Louisville, Kentucky as one of the top five cities to live, in the United States! 

The Faux Finish School is located in Louisville's Highlands, a historic art district of antique shops, beautiful Cherokee Park, restaurants and art galleries.  There is not a better place to relax and concentrate on your decorative painting and faux finishing studies than at The Faux Finish School in Louisville, Kentucky!

To view close-ups of the intricacies of Decorative Finishes Studio's "Italian Villa" such as
the lamps, columns, ceiling, balcony doors, entrance door and faux fresco murals;
click on those different parts of the image below:

double balcony doors faux ceiling detail of limewash and capital faux rusted lamp Fresco 2 brick G-d-light faux rusted lamp Roman cast iron door

Tour the interior of the studio including the classroom!

Click on the areas below to learn more about the world of
decorative painting and faux finishing!


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