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faux finishing school studentSusan Hanson
New Bern, North Carolina

I have been working in decorative painting since January, 1996. In the last 5 years, however, my business in eastern North Carolina has grown substantially thanks to solid business ethics, my enthusiasm and great client referrals. In the past I have also held careers as a Certified Emergency Nurse, a magazine publisher, semi-professional kite flier, and a Merchant Marine on work boats in the Gulf. What do I want to be when I grow up? Looks like painting is here to stay for quite a while! When not painting, I enjoy kayaking, hiking and camping, SCUBA, rollerblading and reading books on philosophy, psychology and human consciousness. For a major client in eastern North Carolina, I had proposed a finish for an application of over 1,600 square feet throughout all the open areas of their house. The project was delayed until I could return from Martin Alan Hirschís Advanced class at The Faux Finish School in Louisville. At that class, Martin taught the "Mezzaluna" finish, which seemed close in style to the original proposal, but far superior in many respects. When I returned from the class, the client accepted the sample and work commenced within days. These Limewashed walls were the first job where my own scaffolding would not reach the peaks; some of the walls went up 17 feet. Two racks of two-level scaffolding were brought in to handle the tall walls in the living room area. For this Limewashed entry finish, a carpenter was called in to construct staging and catwalks in another area over stairs that would have been impossible to reach safely by any ladder or scaffolding arrangement. Originally scheduled to take up to 30 days to complete, I completed the entire project in only 9 days, with my assistant's help, thanks to the techniques taught by Martin Alan Hirsch. This was a tremendous advantage for the client, as most of their house was a mess during the work process. A closeup of the Limewashed finish. With a two-hour daily commute over 30 days, this project would have been a nightmare were it not for Martinís Advanced class. During the class, Martin continually brought home the point, "Time is money." It really changed the way I apply finishes and view my business. Unless thereís a good reason, I doubt that Iíll ever propose slow, unproductive solutions and would rather concentrate my efforts on the type of finishes where we can get in and out of the clientís home in good time. Without a doubt, Martinís teaching has improved my profit potential by a huge margin. Here is one last photo of this incredible finish.
I hope you enjoyed the pictures!
Susan Hanson

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