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The Faux Finish School
is proud to host:

"New World Finishing Paint Workshop"
Finishes for Furniture, Cabinets and Trim

"A Faux Finish School EXCLUSIVE
3 Day Workshop!"

April 8th - 10th, 2019 JUST POSTED!


Furniture, trim and cabinet refinishing are the most requested finishes in today’s market and a very lucrative addition to your portfolio.
Create incredible hand-painted, custom finished furniture, trim and cabinetry finishes with New World Finishing Paint that will delight and impress your customers.
Take your clients old and boring cabinets and transform them into masterpieces enhancing their home and the value of their property. Kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets, laundry rooms, hallway cabinets, moldings, trim and not to mention all the furniture that you can update and give new life to using New World Finishing Paint!

Old World Finishing Paint used in this workshop will provide you with the skills and knowledge to refinish any wood surface, whether old or new, cabinetry or furniture. The decorative painting techniques utilizing the extensive Faux Effects® line of products will enhance your portfolio and make you $1000’s refinishing cabinetry and furniture.
This workshop is designed for those looking for fresh inspiration and experience using Old World Finishing Paint, the newest product from the extensive Faux Effects® Gold Label product line.

You will create 23 trim samples and one cabinet door! All in 3 days!
The 3rd day we will let you choose one of your finishes to replicate on a cabinet door!
This will allow you, as the student to take your New World Paint finish to a larger scale.
You can not only finish trim, but finish cabinetry!


Old World Finishing Paint and the extensive Faux Effects® line of products
Professional Faux Effects® Wood Finishing Products
Workshop Training Required

Old World Finishing Paint is a professional wood finishing product formulated for multiple uses.
It is the perfect base and finishing coat for painted color furniture and cabinet finishing and accepts most staining materials.

Martin Alan Hirsch class class

Your instructors are Martin Alan Hirsch , and Morey Curtis Dunbar...industry leaders in the field, having installed hundreds of finishes. Your hands on training will include not only completed samples....but also benefiting from the "on the job" experience of these seasoned finishers......an invaluable part of quality training.

Both instructors will teach a total of 23 finishes!
Each instructor has their own particular style...therefore the benefits of learning such diverse techniques only benefits YOU...the student!

For 25 years, The Faux Finish School's ultimate goals have been to provide students with the tools and knowledge necessary for success....
We are quite proud of their achievements....
We are consistently rewarded with feedback of thanks as well as beautiful pictures of our students' creations....
The Faux Finish School and its staff are thrilled to have played a part in their acomplishments.

Your instructors are not just teachers....they are working finishers....
This is vital to your education because you will not just learn sample boards,
you will learn real world scenarios and finishes that truly sell....,
from instructors whom have vast experience "on the wall"....

Come home to the programs that established the original comprehensive faux finishing curriculums....Workshops at The Faux Finish School.

We look forward to you joining us for this fantastic Faux Effects® workshop!

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