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Are you wanting to start a business in The Art of Faux Finishing?

Now is the time to make a positive commitment and investment in building a lucrative faux finishing career. This workshop is designed for those looking for fresh inspiration and experience using both new and classic products from the extensive Faux Effects® Gold Label and Silver Label professional faux finishing product lines.

Whether you are a seasoned professional or just beginning your faux finishing career...this workshop is for you!

If you are a discriminating and detailed faux painting artisan ready to advance your faux finishing business to the next level, The Faux Finish School will provide you with the creme de la creme of the industry's decorative finishing materials, The Faux Effects® Gold Label Professional product systems.

Spend five days at The Faux Finish School..

  • Mastering 30 design samples
  • Examining current trends in the fashion and design fields
  • In depth product instruction as well as detailed notes
  • Hands-on training by two instructors giving you the knowledge and
    confidence to build the skills necessary to create your
    own unique finishes
  • During the week, we will discuss marketing as well as pricing and review all that you are learning.

    As a student of The Faux Finish School, rest assured you will leave this workshop with the knowledge to recreate these beautiful finishes for your clientele and designers!

    A profitable professional portfolio represents the artist’s versatility, showcasing a wide variety of design options to satisfy the full spectrum of clients’ tastes, needs, and budgets.

    We have developed over 30 finishes to comprise the three different categories covered in this 5 day workshop. Old World finishes, Black and White finishes and Hollywood Glamour finishes..
    Within each of these categories, students will create finishes which range from simple, one to two layer techniques to complex, multi-layered textures.

    Old World Classics:
    Showcased by the use of European timeless designs, this dramatic collection represents warmth and antiquity...based on magazine photoshoot layouts, Textures of colors color revealed by passage of time and exposure to the elements are what makes the Old World finish so timeless. Exposed stone, peeled painted, chipped plaster and European textures are timeless. Included in this workshop will be the award winning "Marilyn" finish developed by Martin Alan Hirsch based on a Milton Green photoshoot of a wall Marilyn Monroe was photographed in front of! This finishes was also featured at The Meeting of the Masters in Dallas,Texas. The "Old Cork Wall" was featured in an issue of Faux Effects World Magazine and has become another signature finish of Martin Alan Hirsch. For these textured Old World finishes, we will utilize the Faux Effects Activated RS SERIES of products.

    Black and White
    In the past decades, Morey Curtis Dunbar has mastered Black and White finishes. Influenced by fashion as well as design trends, she has developed her own stencils and techniques. She is excited to join forces with Martin to bring you these cutting edge designs.
    Black and white is always "au courant". It is a basic for fashion and design every year, but never has it been more true than now. All top design magazines have featured black and white interiors, some starkly contemporary, some super glamorous, some soft and romantic. In addition, black and white allows you to study the bones of your finish, to revel in texture and sheen without the distraction of color. Black, white and every shade in between is always an elegant choice. This workshop will give you finishes designed to enhance your portfolio, expand your product knowledge, enhance your application techniques and expand upon current design trends...

    Hollywood Glamour
    Imagine your favorite glamorous Hollywood movie. Whether it be Gone With The Wind, The Women, White Christmas, a Fred Astaire/Ginger Rogers dance-a-thon, a Sophia Loren fest or a Marilyn Monroe comedy, all the interiors and fashions were designed as jewel boxes to enhance the performer. These finishes were inspired by such movies. From subtle to stunning, neutral to eye popping, these finishes will bring you back to Hollywood's heyday, a time when men were men and women were divine! Give your clients these vintage inspired, yet undeniably contemporary looks.

    As we see what designers throughout the world are using in residential as well as commercial spaces, as the economy turns the corner, as building is on the rise, we as decorative artists need to be ready to take our finishes to the next level. That is what this workshop will attain. From simple two step finishes to several step finishes that will awe you as well as your clientele. I look forward to you joining this workshop as Morey Curtis Dunbar and I work diligently to provide you with the combined 50 years of experience bringing your portfolio to a level never before achieved. This workshop has been in the works for over a year... We will be using the extensive Faux Effects Gold Line, Silver Line, RS Series and Faux Effects newest product "NuVilla". Prepare to be amazed at what you can create.. Under the direction and guidance of nationally recognized decorative artist....
    Founder and Director of The Faux Finish School, Martin Alan Hirsch along with Morey Curtis Dunbar...staff instructors exclusive to The Faux Finish School... will work with you along the way to creating beautiful sample boards for you to take home.

    "Timeless Creations..Interpretation by Inspiration" is a five day decorative painting workshop teaching not only faux painting techniques, but also the important business application side of this lucrative career. It is exclusive to The Faux Finish School.

    At Decorative Finishes Studio's Faux Finish School, you will spend five days learning these exclusive finishes from two well respected, experienced decorative artists and teachers, Martin Alan Hirsch and Morey Curtis Dunbar assisted by job site preparation man Vincent Douglas, whom all three will ensure that you receive a thorough understanding of this wonderful field; as well as develop the skills necessary to create these unique finishes.

    Tuition of $1575.00 includes:

  • Use of all necessary tools and materials to complete 30 design samples.
  • Comprehensive, illustrated workbook with detailed recipes and product sheets.
  • Instruction by two experienced artists/teachers to provide individual support for varied student skill levels, and encouragement to explore additional surface treatment and design options inspired by the Faux Effects® product line.
  • Assistance in preparation and clean-up by studio staff.
  • Complementary Continental breakfast and catered lunch, daily.
  • Wednesday evening...a "Business Dinner Party" complimentary of The Finish School at a local restaurant...A private, quiet, relaxing evening of viewing finishes on a commercial scale and social networking with each other. A business and marketing discussion will follow

    These techniques and products are available to ALL creative people, professional contractors and finishing professionals who have successfully completed this Faux Effects® Designer Wall Finishes Workshop

    This is the most comprehensive and intensive faux painting workshop in the world!

    faux painting techniques

    faux painting techniques

    faux painting techniques

    faux painting techniques

    faux painting techniques

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