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 Dave Larson
Fargo, North Dakota

To:       Decorative Finishes Studio
August 10, 2002

Greetings Martin,
First, Iíd like to take a brief moment to thank your wonderful staff for making my stay so refreshing. Thank you, Vincent, Sara & Desiree, what a superior team of folks you have there. Iíd like to also thank your assistant Rachel, for her assistance in your many lectures and instructional boards, as well as your studio administrator, Suzanne, for making the students feel welcome.

I think it goes without saying that Iím very grateful to you for a myriad of reasons Martin, but one of which Iíll point out, and keep from boring you to tears. Your level of instruction reigns supreme over several classes Iíve taken in the past, both within in this trade, as well as during my college years. The vigor you possess with the art you create, is very contagious, and anyone who is contemplating the pursuit of happiness, within our field, would be foolish not to listen to what you have to say.

Another note Martin. Although youíve alluded to some students in the past, feeling that you may have offended them with your Ďsharpí classroom candor, I for one, wish to thank you for conducting yourself as you do. The reason I wanted to attend you class was to learn what I was doing correctly and what I wasnít doing quite so well. If a person isnít given an objective truth or criticism, how the heck are they going to learn from their mistakes or previously learned, bad habits? I donít want instructions Ďspoon-fedí to me, instead I want someone to give me detailed instruction, allow me an opportunity and critique me accordingly. With your course of instruction, I feel I received the meat and potatoes, and I thank you for that sir.

Sincerely, Dave Larson Fargo, North Dakota

Dave Larson
Fargo, North Dakota

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