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March 21, 1998

Rosa M Felix-Jones
Naperville, IL


Martin Alan Hirsch
Decorative Finishes Studio
1905 Bardstown Road
Louisville, KY 40250

Dear Martin:

As I sit here reviewing my sample boards, I am filled with excitement. I have just returned home from yet another one of your classes. Not only did I return with a large quantity of boards, but knowledge of many new and unique techniques, innovative and versatile finishes. I love working on expanding my portfolio with these new state-of-the-art products.

It was delightful to attend a classroom filled with professionals, It gave me the opportunity to share business ideas and business situations with them. Choosing your studio was definitely right for me. You are an excellent instructor, as well as an advisor in many different business aspects, so the decision to return came easily. You have the ability to make the most difficult techniques simple. You build the confidence and provide the encouragement needed to achieve such beauty. Now I have the confidence to tackle yet another level of faux finishing. I can offer my customers yet more beautiful, versatile and cutting edge finishes.

Routinely, I offer customers verification of insurance along with a list of references. This past week, a response was a chuckle the she said, "Your portfolio is reference enough." Another statement made to me was, "Finally, a true faux finisher, God sent you to me." These statements gave me as overwhelming feeling of pride.

You are always available and give 110% of yourself. Obviously, there are many things you share that are above and beyond your curriculum requirements. I appreciate that. It is nice to feel appreciated and even better to be told. So, thank you for being so readily available, for sharing your knowledge, tips and trade secrets.

Lastly, I must thank Vinnie for all his hard work in the classroom. His job is demanding. Suzanne is a life line. Without their dedication, hard work and support, things could not run so smoothly. Their importance and vital roles are not overlooked.


Rosa M Felix-Jones

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