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The Faux Finish School
is proud to host:

Steve Wallis

"The Art of European Marbling and Woodgraining Workshop"

"A Faux Finish School 3 Day Workshop

March 21st - March 23rd 2016 Completed!
June 20th - June 22nd 2016 Completed!
April 24th - April 26th 2017 Just Posted!

$995.00 for 3 Days!
Includes continental breakfast, catered lunches,
Brushes and materials are furnished to use in the workshop.
Sample boards are yours to take home!


We are excited to announce our newest workshop!
The Art of European Marbling and Woodgraining Workshop

Class Curriculum:
Each student will learn the English style of woodgraining and marbling. Each student will learn all of the elements as well as the step by step process of this exquisite artform.
Each student will complete samples to share with their clients and designers.

  • Students will learn the history of woodgraining and marbling
  • Color theory will be taught for woodgrains and marbles
  • Students will learn the proper use of specialized tools from England
  • Students will learn theory of color layering as it pertains to wood and marble
    as well as how to break down wood and marbles for replication processes
  • Learn reducing and eliminating MOAíS (method of applications)
  • Learn about Isolation coats... what they are and when to use them
  • Learn the proper glazing mediums and how they work in this artform
  • Learn the correct woodgraining and marbling terms

    Each student will finish 5 samples of wood and 5 samples of marble for each class at a minimum.

    Possible bonus boards (Hawaiian Koa Wood and Vertidemer Green marble) will be added if time permits.

    Each student will receive a recipe workbook for notes

    Woods and Marbles that will be taught in this workshop:

    Italian Walnut, Brazilian Rosewood, Walnut Burlwood, Heart Grain Mahogany and Heart Grain Oak

    Rojo Alacante Marble, Italian Sienna Marble, Italian Carrera marble, St. Laurent Marble and Pakistani Onyx

    Your Instructor:
    Steve Wallis

    After many years working in the fine art world, Steve shifted gears and found that being a creative painter and working on large scale projects in homes and businesses is where he finds his true reason to create works of art. He has now moved from the canvas and drawing board onto walls larger than any canvas he has undertaken. After being introduced into the world of faux painting he has excelled even more. His work has taken him from Florida to Maui. He currently has ongoing projects throughout the U.S. and abroad. Steve has now taken his abilities to a new level. Teaching at The`Faux Finish School
    While taking a class at the Decorative Finishes Studio in Louisville Ky. with Martin Alan Hirsch, Steve was exposed to another art form...woodgraining and marbling. Here he saw the sample boards from an artist that taught at Martinís school, Mike Macneil...
    Mikeís work totally amazed Steve and he knew that he wanted to pursue this type of painting. After researching Mike Macneil, Steve realized that Mike is the only practicing "Freeman of the Trade" left in the western hemisphere of the world. Steve knew that Mike was the teacher that he wanted to teach him this old art form. If you want to learn something, than learn it from the best, was Steveís fatherís motto.
    A few months later Steve was able to take Mike Macneilís class at the Faux Finish School in Louisville Ky. Steve and Mike hit it off right away. Mike has been a good friend and mentor ever since.

    The ability to replicate many types of woodgrains, marbles and precious stones has taken Steveís business to another level. After completing Mikeís first class, Steve landed a project replicating a rare Hawaiian wood, Koa Wood, throughout a private residence in Maui. This is a wood that is endemic to the Hawaiian Islands. After talking with Mike about the project Steve was fortunate enough to convince Mike to come and work with him on this project. After all working in Maui was not a hard sell! Mike came over and worked for 8 days out of the total 19 weeks that Steve was there.
    Working on a project with a teacher with such credentials was a true blessing. According to Mike, Steve learned in 8 days what would have taken him 10 years on his own.

    Since then Steve has worked on many types of surfaces to replicate many types of woods, marbles and precious stones. From columns, fireplaces, cabinet doors and furniture Steve has replicated many types of woodgrains, marbles and precious stones. Over time Steve has taken what he learned from Mike Macneil and other teacherís techniques to develop his own style of woodgraining and marbling.
    His ability to teach the artform has now come to the forefront. It is time for Steve to share with others the abilities that he has learned from some of the most talented artists in the world.
    The Faux Finish School is proud to have Steve Wallis as a guest instructor...

    For 20 years, The Faux Finish School's ultimate goals have been to provide students with the tools and knowledge necessary for success....
    We are quite proud of their achievements....
    We are consistently rewarded with feedback of thanks as well as beautiful pictures of our students' creations....
    The Faux Finish School and its staff are thrilled to have played a part in their acomplishments.

    Your instructors are not just teachers....they are working finishers....
    This is vital to your education because you will not just learn sample boards,
    you will learn real world scenarios and finishes that truly sell....,
    from instructors whom have vast experience "on the wall"....

    Come home to the programs that established the original comprehensive faux finishing curriculums....Workshops at The Faux Finish School.

    We look forward to you joining us for this fantastic workshop!
    Call the studio to pre-register as it will fill quickly!

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