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Our Upcoming Faux Effects Classes and Workshops:

If you are a discriminating and detailed faux painting artisan ready to advance your faux finishing business to the next level, Decorative Finishes Studio's Faux Finish School can provide you with the creme de la creme of the industry's decorative finishing materials,
The Faux Effects ® Professional product systems. These unique systems and patented techniques are taught only in a few select programs in the entire world!

The unique techniques and layered systems taught by Martin Alan Hirsch at The Faux Finish School using Faux Effects ® will put you in far advance of your competition.

Martin Alan Hirsch used Faux Effects products and faux techniques in the home, guesthouse and recording studios of national recording star, Reba McEntire! as well as hundreds of residential and commercial commissions.


At Decorative Finishes Studio's Faux Finish School, you will spend five days learning the awesome techniques of Martin Alan Hirsch, a Master Faux Artisan who, with assistance from decorative artist and teacher, Katy Raine-Cadenas and job site preparation man Vincent Douglas, will ensure that you receive a thorough understanding of the unique interaction between Faux Effects ® creative materials as well as develop the skills necessary to create your own unique finishes. At Decorative Finishes Studio's Faux Finish School you will create an unbelievable 22-27 hands-on samples!

This program is designed with the professional in mind. You must be a practicing decorative artist, have a client base and be a full-time finisher in the field in order to join us for this faux painting workshop.

Below are just a few of the samples completed in this workshop.
Click on each small picture to bring up the larger, detailed finish!

O'Villa Finishing Plaster

Tutenkamen Egyptian Wall

Mosaic Crackle

Old World Lime Wash

Boa Snakeskin

Alligator Skin

Embedded Lusterstone

Interference Metallics

Multi-layer Chipped Paint

Cappella Finish

Kings Ransom

Angelic Canvas Imprinting

Venetian Black Pearl

Stoned Gold

Mica Gold Veneziano

Reactive Marbling

Limewashed Stone Wall

Tuscany Gold

Faux Effects
Our newest finish: "Jurassic Parts"

  • Embedded Lusterstone
  • reactive and embedded finishes
  • Six layer peeled paint finishes
  • Embossed finishes
  • Broken gold leaf
  • The new state of the art Old Master imprinting®
  • Advanced reactive wall marbling
  • Positive/negative reactive creations
  • Interference metallic finishes
  • Faux Effects ® Venetian Gem plasters
  • Veneziano with mica waxes
  • Olde World Marouflage (Angelic musician on canvas, aged and distressed)
  • Relief texture stone effects for walls and more!
  • Along with these samples, you will also be taking home a manual with over 60 pages, containing directions for all the Faux Effects finishes you have learned for quick future reference. In addition you will also learn how to transfer original art, your own art, to walls, furniture, and accessories through Faux Effects Custom Imprints® , Old Masters series.

    Under the guidance of Martin, utilizing small classes and personalized one-to-one instructions, with the assistance of Fran Fens and Vincent Douglas, you will emerge ready to put your knowledge and techniques to work creating stimulating new designer finishes for your clients and creating a greater degree of personal accomplishment for yourself as a faux Artisan.

    We look forward to you joining us for this fantastic Faux Effects workshop!

    Decorative Finishes Studio reserves the right to change the curriculum as new finishes are introduced and older finishes are less specified by designers.
    We feel this will give the student a more unique portfolio than any of their competition!


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