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David Burnham
District Manager of Training Pittsburgh Paints
To:  Martin Alan Hirsch
August 24, 1999

Dear Martin,

I wanted to write you about The Faux Finish School. I attended your class about a year ago. I have followed your comments on the Web to others and have listened to many speak on different aspects of faux finishing. By far, your class and the answers you gave were the most practical and came to the needed conclusion the easiest and fastest way. Others gave answers that would work, but required much more steps or time to complete the job. The faux finish system and business information you teach give the student the most complete set of tools I have seen to make money. I conduct training classes for PPG Industries, Inc., as you know. I have conducted paint and stain classes for over 1500 people this year so far. I have found what you taught to be useful in my classes even though I rarely speak on faux finishing. I have been in the paint and stain business for over 20 years. I left your school with much useful information. I didn't intend to leave my current job and start a business of faux finishing when I attended your class. After your class, I can easily see how almost anyone with time and practice could succeed using your techniques. I highly recommend your school and staff in your teaching skills and knowledge of the faux finish business. I look forward to attending classes in the future.

Sincerely yours,

David A. Burnham


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