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Martin Alan Hirsch
Date: Friday, May 22, 1998 5:46 AM
Subject: Your class

Hi Martin,

I wanted to let you know that your class was one of the best, most intensive, informative and useful classes I have ever taken (including my college classes).  I learned more in those 5 days than I have learned in some full term college art   classes. The class so permeated my mind that I couldn’t sleep through the night without doing faux finishing in my dreams for a week after the class.

I haven’t started marketing my newly learned skills yet but I am working hard on finishing my "art studio" which will allow me to practice on some full size walls and columns.

It is about 1/2 times larger than Your class room and will have built in storage space behind the walls so I am very excited about it.  Hopefully by this fall I will be ready to approach some builders and designers and really get started towards a new career.

Thanks again for being such a great and dynamic instructor.

M. Janine Brennan
Brighton, Michigan

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